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The Key To Living


I know that the point of this blog is supposed to be Southwestern living, but I think the key to the title is “living.”  And I don’t mean living in the biological sense, I mean really living your life with meaning, with purpose and with love.

In light of some recent events back home in Maine, I got to thinking about this and about the sad irony that lies in the inevitable deepening of love that occurs when we are anticipating loss.  We pull our friends closer and appreciate them more when we find out we have to move… we make time to say all those things we want to be sure to say to a person who may not be with us much longer… we hold loved ones tight before they board a plane, unsure of the next visit we’ll have.  And I’ve decided that as hard as those trials can be for those who endure them, there is also a silver lining of blessings in disguise for the richness they bring to our relationships with the people we love.

This may sound cliched… but I think so many of us wander through life, taking every wonderful moment we have for granted instead of living with a true zest that becomes part of our legacy.   Now don’t get me wrong… I have plenty of off days myself.  But I guess what I’m hoping for, what I’m RESOLVING for in this upcoming new year, is the chance to truly live each day appreciating the people in my life, the goodness in the world and those blessings that come my way when I least expect them. 

So to all of you struggling to make a fabulous new year’s resolution, consider this: how about you resolve to smile more, care more, call more, write more?  Give a hand instead of a complaint…  stop valuing things like money and looks and your personal success and spend more time valuing your family and friends, your romantic relationships, your raw happiness?  Start  throwing your I Love Yous around like spare change, give tighter hugs… because really, those are building blocks of true happiness.  At least in my humble opinion.

Happy New Year to all –  may peace, love, happiness and health be abundant in your lives in 2012.


Deck the Halls


Goodness gracious, me oh my…

It has been almost two weeks since I have last written.  I feel like I say that EVERY time I blog.  Perhaps this will become a New Years Resolution for me… better than promises of weight loss.  BUT, on that note…

It is Tuesday, which awhile back was designated as “Healthy Hearts and Happiness” day – and I am pleased to say that in 8 weeks, I have lost 9 pounds on Weight Watchers.  That may not seem like a lot, but the fact that it has been a slow and steady journey shows me that it is a reasonable plan I can stick with (even through the holiday hustle bustle!).  I am getting to the point where I can eyeball things and understand how many points they are worth instead of obsessing, obsessing, obsessing.  For those of you who have not joined a plan like this, no worries – this is not about weight loss, but rather healthy living!  And one fabulous way to do that is to set a goal with friends… which is why on December 18th, Chris and I will be running a relay race in San Francisco with his sisters!  It was their idea, but we are delighted to jump on board and use this as a fun way to get back into exercising and accomplish something as a team.  I am beyond excited:)  Plus, we get to wear festive Christmas accessories!  And hang out in San Francisco, which is a place I have never been!  Awesomeness all around.

Now onto our Southwestern recap… Thanksgiving was a wonderful success and now we find ourselves in the throws of an Arizona December.  Today it dropped to 30 degrees!  That number makes most people cringe, but the Maine girl in me LOVES it and is still praying for a flurry or two 🙂   Luckily, on Sunday, the HB Holiday Christmas Party gave us a chance to see snow here in the desert.  Chris and I volunteered to help out and the campus looked like a winter wonderland.  It was hilarious to watch the kids hurl snowballs at each other and see the looks on their faces as they touched it for the first time. 

Tonight, we will hopefully be heading to the JW Marriott at Desert Ridge to see the Gingerbread Village and then Wednesday it is Christmas cards, Christmas tree and stockings for these kids.  Have to get things wrapped up before LA this weekend where I will meet Grandma and Grandpa K. for the first time and see Sara Bareilles in concert!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! 

One more thing before I end this post… if you have not checked out Michael Buble’s Christmas cd yet, DO IT.  It will make your whole heart happy.

Lots of Desert Love and Holiday Cheer.  XO!