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Maybe Just a Stroke of Luck?


The irony in this title is literally screaming off the page at me… I wouldn’t say this month has necessarily been one of great “luck” but with a rich Irish heritage and the ‘rents FINALLY coming to visit in a week, I’ll choose to pretend as much 🙂 

Let me start by saying that we really did it up on St. Paddy’s!  With a warm Irish Soda Bread baking in the oven Saturday morning and a hilarious viewing of The Leprechaun, we got our party started early.  By 5 pm, we were decked out head to toe in green garb, headed to Tempe Beach Park for a St. Patrick’s Day Party with Flogging Molly headlining.  It was a cold day for this part of the world {Mainers, I know I know}, but the concert was awesome and the beer was plentiful.  Not to mention we had a DELICIOUS crepe with Nutella and strawberries… we’ll be making those at home this weekend, that’s for sure! 

I’m not actually in the mood to yak on and on about everything we’ve done in the past month (terrible blogger that I am), so instead I will bullet point:

* Coyotes Game
* Suns Game
* Spring Training Game
* Hike up Camelback Mountain
* Book club with YNPN (super fun!)
* A few fun happy hours 🙂
* Babysitting little baby B!
*First haircut in over a year for me. HOORAY!

All good stuff… which can for the most part be googled!  So google on, little friends.

In exciting news, T-5 til Peg & Kev get here!!!!  Then just a few weeks til Brian and Heather….a trip home to Maine in June…. weddings galore this summer…. and visitors from the Northeast sprinkled throughout (Mimi, Ash, Erika, etc.!)  So so happy to be inundated with some home grown love in 2012. ❤

In not-so-exciting news, I must say that I am beginning to feel like I live in the land of Oz.  In the crazy, is this really happening, gosh I wish I had a lion for a friend (and a cute, cuddly dog) type way…. but life ebbs and flows and we must take the good with the not-so-fabulous and so off we go….blah blah blah, you finish the song.

Lots of love to you all on this warm and sunny Thursday:)

Question for the day:  What is your favorite way to de-stress?  When you are LITERALLY at the end of your rope, what do you do to pull yourself up by those boot straps?


Sleepless in Scottsdale


Profound thought for the day: What’s it like when a beach baby becomes a mountain woman?  I will tell you what it’s like.   The ocean for me has and always will represent vast tranquility, comfort and an escape.  It represents warm Maine summers and sunset swims and cold Maine winters bundled up in Bean Boots and a scarf.  It is the one place from home that goes unchanged and does not become overdeveloped, sold or torn down.

The mountains, in contrast, represent a new kind of comfort.  They are different and exciting and challenging.  They surround you and make you feel small and insignificant… until you climb to the top of their peaks and feel larger than life again.  When I think of the ocean and I think of the mountains, it feels like a direct metaphor for life as I know it.  The cozy, familiar comfort of the Atlantic blue versus the exhilarating, challenging and rewarding climb to new heights.  I digress….

…It’s been a busy few weeks for M & C.  After getting back from our wonderful trip to Sedona, we’ve been taking time to get to know our own backyard better and rest our suitcases (and our wallets) from all of our holiday travels.   The greatest accomplishment (for me at least) was hiking to the TOP of Piestewa Peak!  {See profound thought above.} It’s a little crowded and overstimulating if you are looking for a peaceful morning out in nature, but there is a great energy of hungry hikers and a beautiful view at the top. The first time we tried to hike it, I quit halfway through and was horribly disappointed with myself.  But on Presidents Day, I gave it another try and was so happy that I completed the trek.  Definitely check this one out.  Takes about an hour to hike round trip (if you are moderately – or barely – athletic like I am).

A few new restaurants to add to the list as well!  The top of the list belongs to Hiro Sushi (which I was taken to on Valentine’s Day…. so fun!).  Oh my word, I grew up in an Irish Catholic household in Maine so to say I know what authentic Japanese food should taste like is a big fat lie.  But trust me on this – it is AMAZING.  Hole in the wall in appearance and hidden within a strip mall in Scottsdale, it’s not a place that you drive by and notice.  But hunt it out and give it a whirl; your taste buds will NOT be disappointed.   By far the best sushi I/we have had in Arizona!

Two other restaurants to try out:  Grazie, an Italian pizzeria in Old Town with a Nutella/Banana desert to DIE for and Scratch, a healthy, gourmet bakery and restaurant.  I loved my seared tuna sandwich, but the Mogador dark chocolate mousse with raspberry was the highlight of my experience.  Do yourself a favor and throw calorie counting out the window when you have the chance to visit these two hot spots.

One place I would not recommend for those uninterested in reliving their WILD college nights is Martini Ranch.  Chris and I popped over there last Friday for a G Love & Special Sauce concert and it took 45 minutes to get inside (with pre-purchased tickets, mind you) and was one huge drunk fest.  Concert was musically fabulous, however.  Way to go G Love!  AND, the Strong Beer Festival in Tempe that we hit up the next day was tons of fun… nice and warm and PLENTY of beer to drink.  Except be careful – you get 14 tastings and we each only completed 7.  And THAT was pushing it.

Next on the list is going to have to be Spring Training…. Can’t wait to lie on the grass with a hot dog and beer and bask in America’s favorite pastime.  More to come soon!


Sleepless in Scottsdale

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