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“I like to call them blue heron legs.”


It’s going to be a hot one today!  Highs in the 90s…. friends, we have officially started the summer slide and pretty soon triple digits will be upon us.  So glad there is a trip to Maine plugged in for June!  MMM… lobster.

A few interesting things to share:

1)      Heather and Brian came for a visit (just left yesterday – boo hoo!!!) and we had SUCH a fun time.  There was certainly plenty of sunbathing, a hike up Cholla Trail on Camelback (first time for all of us) and lots of yummy food and drinks.  Very thankful for spin class last night that hopefully rid my body of the many toxins and calories consumed over the weekend. 

2)      I think that I have developed a complex living on our campus, I mean, complex.   Sometimes I look around and wonder where Snooki’s hiding.  No but seriously…. Saturday night I dreamt that I was in an adult beauty pageant on a track (with my mother no less) and we were forced to speed walk until we were taken out of the running.  Well, I made one lap and the models tried to throw me out.  I refused to stop speed walking and on lap two they tried to pull me out again, blaming it on my terrible eyebrows.  Psychology majors out there – please turn this into a case study and let me know how to ignore the girls who walk by me each day with the legs of a blue heron. 

3)      Adam Richmond and Andrew Zimmern, two of my favorite TV personalities, will be here at the Scottsdale Culinary Festival this weekend.  If Chris and I can find a way to get there, I believe this will be Arizona Bucket List item #1.   More to come on that.

 Also – just going to throw this out there… I have a strange hankering to go to Vegas.  And I have NO idea why.  I don’t have money to gamble, I am not single and it’s probably just as hot there as it is here.  BUT.  I would not mind stealing Mike Tyson’s tiger.  Or finding a sweet baby named Carlos to strap on my back and take for adventures.  If you did not get those movie references, go rent The Hangover immediately. Alas, that might have to wait…. Weddings abound this summer and fall so that might be a trip for another time 🙂



Bucket List Bliss


I love buckets…. I love filling them with sand at the beach, with treats for a birthday and with beer at a party…but the best thing to a fill a bucket with is a list.

A wise Pinterest post once told me, “Just because something isn’t happening for you right now doesn’t mean that it will never happen.”  I love that quote because it’s so very true.  I have spent so many hours of my life looking ahead or not being fully content with where I am at that I sometimes forget that dreams don’t always unfold all at once.  And much like any anticipated event in your life, you don’t want all the excitement at your feet on the same day because then what have you got to look forward to?  I mean honestly – would you want to get married, have a baby, close on a house, land your dream job and win the lottery all on April 10th?  Probably not.  But separately?  Each of those things could bring you great happiness.

Chris had a brilliant idea the other day – to create an Arizona specific bucket list.  We LOVE writing down fun goals, but we have never done one for one particular state.  And what better way to hold yourselves accountable to get to know a new place than by writing down all that you want to accomplish and starting the process?

So, in honor of the beginning of an exciting new bucket list {keep your eyes peeled for a post} I’d like to take a moment to share with you a few personal goals that have lingered since, ohhhh, college?  Maybe high school?  Maybe childhood?

1.  Own a chocolate shop in the Swiss Alps.

2.  Sing in a smokey night club…on top of a piano…. in a red dress.

3.  Publish a children’s book.

4. Marry the man of my dreams…. barefoot on a Maine beach.

5.  Raise children and raise them WELL.

6.  Own a tiny teacup pig.  Or a puppy.  Or any lovely animal pre-approved by my darling significant other.

7.  Learn to play the guitar.

What would you put on your bucket list?  I would LOVE to know 🙂

Happiness Is….


… a week with your parents full of hugs, laughter and good conversation

…. sun-kissed skin from a southwest sky

…finding an a cappella group in your city that *fingers crossed* might think you are just what they need

….a spring and summer full of visitors

…the determination to make each day whatever you want it to be… and realizing you have been the only person in the way of your own happiness all along…

….the fact that airplanes exist

….the invention of Pinterest

….making a difference. having a job of purpose.



And with that I will tell you that after quite a few months of conflicted emotions between my brain and my heart…. I am bound and determined to make this year better than the last.  To push the boundaries, try new things, take chances and work on achieving goals and reaching for dreams.  This is going to require patience, sticktoitivness (sp), faith in the future and a strong heart, mind and personality.  But I think – no, I KNOW – it will all work out.

Three tips for those juggling love, a career, distance and all the curveballs that your 20s throw your way:

1-a)  It’s OK to compromise.  It’s OK to choose love.  It’s also OK to expect that you can have love, your dream job, a family.

1-b)  Compromise is give and take and as the root of the word is PROMISE, it requires the belief that each party is in it to win it.  Many times in life we feel that it in a compromise, one person must always give and the other must always take.  But that is not the case… and the only person who can advocate for us is ourselves.  So SPEAK UP… have uncomfortable conversations… be willing to cry, get mad and laugh about the insanity of it all.  But don’t give up.  Whatever you do.

2) Remember that nothing in life is permanent.  And I say that in the most positive way possible.  When things are uncertain and you aren’t sure what will come next, remember that nothing uncomfortable lasts forever… and nothing comfortable does either, so LOVE AND EMBRACE those moments with all your heart.

3) Believe that you deserve and are capable of the best.  That your brain doesn’t ALWAYS have to give way for your heart and that your heart doesn’t ALWAYS have to give way for your brain.  Make THEM compromise as well.

And just be happy 🙂