Sun Salutations in a Hot Phoenix World


I know you have all been biting at the bit to hear about how Cinco de Mayo Southwest Style went…. Well it was fun – but probably nothing to write home about.  I am fairly certain the homemade mojitos and guacamole trumped our “out of the house” plans by a million, but we live and we learn.  The long and short oImagef it all is, once we got to the Sandbar (where we thought we’d be dancing the night away), the line out the door was about a half-mile long and the cover was $20 a person.  Call me crazy, but that seems like a bit much for a night of tequila and tacos.   So, we had a delicious dinner at The Island and salsa danced afterwards… in the living room 🙂

Next up to cross off the Southwest/life-long bucket list?  Glass blowing class!  Way to go, Groupon!  More to come on that after this weekend!  Hopefully we will make some fantastic paper weight or something. Image

Side note to all of the Southwest fun:  I took a yoga class last week that  I have tried yoga a handful of times in my life and, surprisingly, have not loved it (which is weird).  BUT, this class put me in SUCH a good place mentally and physically that I think every single human alive should try it.  It is a no-judgment zone for sure – everyone in there was at a different level and the instructor kept reiterating that there was no pressure.  “Yoga doesn’t hurt… yoga heals.” What a nice change of pace from normal fitness classImagees were people keep yelling to go faster and work harder!  I did another awesome rooftop yoga class this morning…  It was such a stress reliever – and as I have done a lot of eyebrow scratching recently (those of you who know me understand how compulsive I can be when I’m stressed). 

SPEAKING OF WHICH – check out this blog post I found!  Speaks straight to the heart… I can’t believe so many other people create their own baby bald spots when stressed!  Ahhh, there is hope for all of us yet! 

Oh one more fun fact – saw La Cage Aux Folles with George Hamilton last night at the Gammage.  Last set of tickets in our pack *tear.*   But another fun thing to cross of the bucket list – mini season at the local theater!

Last but not least…

Question of the day:  If you were to envision an 80’s all-adult prom, what would it look like?  Your feedback and ideas are more helpful right now than you could EVER imagine!

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I'm a mama to a sweet baby boy and adorable pup, pediatric nurse by profession, and lover of music, dance, writing, travel... and chocolate. Oh, and wine. Follow for all of my random thoughts on motherhood, travel, the state of the world...and whatever else I can think of in between.

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  1. 80s adult prom: Ruffles. Sparkles. A punch bowl. Big hair. Classic songs and remixes involving synthesizers. Oversized blazers. Tacky “under the sea” theme and cardboard cutouts. Balloons. STREAMERS. Bangles. Faux jewels. Canadian tuxedos. Ray Bans.

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