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Some days I would love nothing more than to escape.  And in my mind, I am escaping to a hammock on the beach with a cold drink, a good book and the sound of waves lapping on the sand in the background. Image

But I guess, for now, I will settle for exercise, a long shower, glass of wine and my kindle on the couch.  Makeshift joy, I call it.

What do you do to combat stress, worries and fear of the unknown?  Tips for happiness at home welcome on this hot, hot Monday!

 Oh and maybe this, just to make you smile 🙂






It’s a hot one today in Phoenix/Scottsdale – we are talking 105+ degrees.  Strangely, I feel like I am more used to this heat now than I was last year… never thought THAT would happen.  It’s sort of like having your own personal sauna – just step right outside!  *Friends and family visiting this summer, forget that you read that*

All heat aside, we’ve done an A-OK job of crossing a few fun things off the Arizona bucket list.  The first one being our glass blowing class at Circle 6 Studios.  We had a chance to make these awesome glass flowers during our intro session and I would definitely go back again.  See below – we’re such pros already!

We were ALSO able to go to the last NHL playoff game that the Coyotes played… I mean, the Kings won, but who cares?  It was fun to be there and feel like we actually have a team to root for out here!   Plus, I have this sweet towel hanging in my office now –

In other interesting, more personal news, I started to have a moment the other day where I felt like the whole world was jetting past me, accomplishing goals and moving forward… and luckily, I have a wonderful boyfriend and friends who are able to help me see the forest for trees.  I have to say, though, that even when you look at your life and think, “hey, this isn’t so bad.  I have a job,  a great family,  a guy who loves me and a fun new place to live,” it can be easy to get caught up in comparisons.  I think that might be because your 20s are full of so many changes and big life moments. Friends around you get promoted, go back to school, graduate, get engaged, get married, have babies, buy their first home, etc.  And even if you are not ready for all of those things or even if your life path is shaping out a little differently because that’s what works best for YOU, it can be hard not to feel a sense of urgency to “catch up.”

The good news is, I am starting to realize a few things – namely that slow and steady wins the race.  Not that life is a race, but when I think back to times that I made rash, poorly thought through decisions, it doesn’t seem like being “ahead” was actually that great of a spot to be in.  And honestly, it’s kind of fun to still have so much to anticipate or dream about.  I still get to wait for that exciting proposal… I still get to dream about going back to school and wonder when I will be called off that waitlist and head down a totally new career path.  I still get to wonder about what it would be like to have a great promotion and have more money to feel comfortable and to able to travel more or maybe buy myself my dream bike 🙂  And so even though it can be frustrating when I see those things happening for other people, I know that firsts are just that – they are not repeatable.  So I’m going to let life unfold the way it needs to and do by best to be a little more grateful and a little less anxious.

And when that doesn’t work, I am going to remember this simple phrase:

This summer, I am going to do my best to live by this and when life gets crazy, I’m going to break a sweat and get my endorphins going…. drive to the closest beach (even if it’s four hours away… which it is, though MAINE is almost here, yay!) or, hey, shed a few tears and get it out of my system.  But if I shed a few tears, they aren’t going to be sad – they are going to be because I am laughing SO hard or because I’ve seen something really beautiful.  That’s my vow to myself.

And on that note, off to take on this gorgeous, sunny Sunday!

Lots of love from the Southwest corner.