Brick Walls.


I love this quote… a good friend reminded me of it the other day right when I needed it most.  And I think there is incredible value to realizing that sometimes fighting for what we want or need makes us appreciate it all the more in the end.   Though it can sometimes feel exhausting to encounter obstacles and challenges – especially when others appear to skip right by – the reward is that much greater when we can look back at the work we put in on the journey.

Now that is certainly easier said than done – it’s nice to read philosophical quotes or vent to a friend and feel inflated for four seconds… but putting those thoughts into action and really, TRULY believing them?  That can be tough.

Sometimes these words play out in my mind when I think of friends and family who have battled illnesses.  It can be amazing to see what those people can overcome and how often times, their positive spirit and desire to fight has enriched their lives in the end by making them stop and live in the moment and be happy and grateful when life is good.  Not many of us are awesome at doing that.  Which I think is why, even though it’s odd to hear someone who has beaten cancer say something about how it was a blessing in disguise, what they are really saying is not that the journey was fun or easy (CERTAINLY not), but that the depth of their living has increased substantially and that the perspective they have on what matters is far more mature than most of ours.  And that IS a blessing.

I guess the long and (never) short of it is, our passions and our perspectives are largely driven by the fight within us and our determination to live with purpose and with love.  To be selfless, sensitive beings who value the happiness of others and intend to live a life that leaves the world a bit more beautiful than when we arrived. When I have my own kids someday, the last thing I want to share with them is that my life was always a breeze and that I never had to work for anything… because the minute I am able to set that expectation for them, I have set them up for failure.  But to be able to grow from each experience, to take pride in my decisions and fight for my dreams?  Those are the lessons I will be able to pass on to my own kids when the  journey feels daunting.

My mom said something incredibly insightful to me today… and something that I’m sure we’ve all read or heard in books, movies, etc. She said, “You know what?  I know you don’t understand why things have happened a certain way for you right now… why you are not exactly where you imagined you would be at this point.  But never wish to trade places with anyone else because your life is GOOD and the universe has amazing plans for you, even if you don’t understand them right now.  Just hang in there and be glad that you have the person you do beside you on this journey.”

Mom always knows best 🙂


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I'm a mama to a sweet baby boy and adorable pup, pediatric nurse by profession, and lover of music, dance, writing, travel... and chocolate. Oh, and wine. Follow for all of my random thoughts on motherhood, travel, the state of the world...and whatever else I can think of in between.

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