You Read My Mind


I have had a love affair with books since the day I was born.  I still remember favorite childhood stories… I still remember scholastic book fairs… I still remember tucking novels in between the bars of my bottom bunk bed and reading long after everyone thought I was asleep.

And I was thinking today as I sat in Barnes and Noble that I LOVE bookstores more than any other kind of retail store there is.  Clothes have never interested me much (aside from the fact that I wear them)… I’m not horribly enthused by makeup.  And for a girl, I have a minimal amount of shoes.  But If I could have a library a la Beauty and the Beast (complete with the sliding ladder), my heart would sit contentedly for the rest of my life.

I think what I love about books is that they are timeless.  Unlike styles or fads, there is something beautiful and profound about the lessons and stories we take from them.  They capture the human spirit in its countless forms and can be just as meaningful twenty years from now as they are today.

This may seem out of place and a bit “rambly” for a blog that is focused on travels, change and adventure, but the reason I bring it up is that books often offer that adventure and escape to me when the funds in my bank account scream “DON’T BUY THAT PLANE TICKET!”  For example, during the hot summer months in Phoenix, I have LOVED reading Elin Hildebrand books.  The second I set my eyes on page one of any of her novels, I am immediately whisked to the sandy beaches of Nantucket.  I can picture the screen door of a family cottage creaking open and feel the sand between my toes.  I can imagine sitting in a white Adirondack chair, bundled in a sweatshirt, sipping wine as the sun sets.  I can imagine shell-paved roads, jeeps with no doors, and babies with flop hats shrieking as their piggy toes touch the cold Atlantic Ocean.  The best part?  I’ve never even been to Nantucket.  But the words paint such a vivid image in my mind that I don’t need to be there to relish in its beauty.  Because when I read those words, they take me there and I could be surrounded by desert and palms and not even notice.


As if my brain knows that I’ve been feeling the itch to see new places, it also conjured up an amazing dream last night where I traveled between Spain and France, switching between both languages (though the French was a bit subpar compared to the Spanish for obvious reasons) and I have to say, it was a pretty spectacular escape in and of itself.   What I remember in greatest detail (oddly enough) were the bathrooms in Spain.  Don’t ask me why.  But they were beautiful.  And hopefully someday, I’ll get there and see for myself how exciting of a place it is outside of where the commode is stored.

Which then begs the question, if you could list your top ten travel goals, what would they be?

After great thought, here are mine (in no particular order but all outside of the U.S.):

  1. Ireland
  2. Spain
  3. Peru
  4. Switzerland
  5. England
  6. Thailand
  7. Bora Bora or Tahiti (I’ll take either one)
  8. France
  9. Chile
  10. Hong Kong (to see where Chris lived for two years!)
  11. I cheated… I’m putting in South Africa to see Lauren as well!

Feeling like I’ve left out the U.S.?  Ok, ok, I’ll pick my top ten places here too (again, in no particular order):

  1. Nantucket, Massachusetts
  2. New Orleans, Louisiana
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. San Diego, California
  5. Seattle, Washington
  6. Stowe, Vermont
  7. Colorado (Breckenridge)
  8. Portland, Oregon
  9. Charleston, South Carolina

Anyway, I would love love love to hear yours…. And especially with all our upcoming East Coast travel (yay for weddings and family trips!) dreaming of planes, trains and automobiles is on my mind more than ever.  Thank you to my friends who share incredible stories about these places and thanks to the fabulous authors who depict them in ways that make me want to save my pennies and see them for myself.



About andmangomakesthree

I'm a mama to a sweet baby boy and adorable pup, pediatric nurse by profession, and lover of music, dance, writing, travel... and chocolate. Oh, and wine. Follow for all of my random thoughts on motherhood, travel, the state of the world...and whatever else I can think of in between.

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  1. Outside US:
    1) South Africa
    2) Morocco
    3) Australia/NewZealand
    4) Germany
    5) Switzerland
    6) Egypt
    7) Thailand
    8) Belgium
    9) Ireland (again)
    10) Southern France

    Inside US:
    1) New Orleans
    2) Denver
    3) Yellowstone
    4) Niagara Falls
    5) Austin, TX
    6) Florida Keys
    7) St. Louis
    8) Grand Rapids (to see the DeKosters!)
    9) Montana (vague, I know)
    10) Tucson & Scottsdale, AZ (to see my brother, and YOU)

  2. I LOVE this post. I’ve been having crazy travel dreams, too! I was just talking with my friend Natalie about how I’m having wanderlust, but I’m also scared to go somewhere and not DO anything, therefore “wasting” my trip, you know? I really want to travel with other people so I have a support group.

    1) Ireland (for our Official Honeymoon!)
    2) Greece (anywhere, really)
    3) Italy (a la Eat, Pray, Love)
    4) Southern France
    5) Northern France
    6) Everywhere Julia Child went in France
    7) Toronto, Canada
    8) Minto, Canada (to hang with Erin’s family)
    9) DR/Belize/Costa Rica (something tropical in that region)
    10) New Zealand or Australia

    1) LA (This is cheating since I’m going in October to see Claire!)
    2) San Francisco again!
    3) Napa Valley/wine country in Cali
    4) The Other Portland
    5) Chicago (WITH the Gorgons)
    6) Michigan (to visit the Gorgons if they move back)
    7) New Orleans for Mardi Gras
    8) NYC – but only for a foodie tour!
    9) Providence, RI
    10) Bar Harbor, Maine
    11) Acadia (I will never tire of its beauty!)

    • OOO OOO GREECE! I forgot to add that to my list – good call! All of your places sound fab…. I LOVE Chicago! And, um, Ireland for your official honeymoon?? You read my mind! I would love to go there for my honeymoon someday. So cool.

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