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How sad and truly pathetic to be a writer by profession and go ONE FULL MONTH without updating your own blog.  Not that anyone else cares… not that I feel like I have forty million followers counting on me to shower them with literary bliss everyday… but much like any goal or any project that someone takes on of their own volition, it’s always a bit of shame to feel like you’ve let yourself get distracted and rusty.  And so, we’re back at it.

On the topic of “getting rusty”….three things to note:  one, I had the BEST Saturday the week before last.  I met up with Chris’s sweet former resident Barbie, a Puerto Rico native and fellow beach lover, to speak Spanish over coffee.    We worked on medical vocab for about an hour and then spent another hour just chatting and sipping chai lattes.  I had been itching to speak Spanish with someone (ironic given that I live in Arizona) and also a little nervous that I was going to have lost some of my fluency.  Not the case!  Much like riding a bike, even if you haven’t practiced in years, there is something in you that just remembers what to do.  Newfound confidence in Spanish speaking abilities = check!

Two – I am going to take the “rusty” and make it “rustic” – as in Jon and Shannon’s beautiful rustic wedding in New Hampshire three weeks ago.  Their celebration was incredibly beautiful… from the wildflower bouquets to twinkle light-filled barn to Mapple Pie (yes, you read that right), the whole thing was so genuinely THEM.  A lot of times, you go to weddings and can tell that a wedding planner handled everything or that the bride and groom didn’t put any of their own personal touches on the day.  This wedding was personal from beginning to end and given the crowded dance floor and after parties that followed, I would say they knew exactly what they were doing!  It was wonderful to see friends from near and far all gathered together, laughing, crying at points (ahem, I’ll raise my hand to that one) and just thrilled to be together.  Miss you all already!

And last (three) but certainly not least, the opposite of “rusty?”  Urban, city magic.  As in NYC.  Which is where Chris and I are headed next for a Labor Day weekend rendez-vous with his hilarious and adorable siblings and dad.  I am SO excited for this trip – New York City, to me, is such an invigorating place to visit.  It makes me want to walk for miles, see the sites as if it was the first time all over again, and witness the determination in the faces of everyone who is there to follow their dreams.  Plus, who doesn’t love bright lights, the occasional celebrity sighting and an amalgam of delicious restaurants featuring cuisine from around the world?  It’s going to be DYNAMITE. 

Well my little followers and friends…. It’s time for me to quiet my dreamer’s mind and get back to my homework. XO


A sweet photo of the adorable bride and groom!