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Christmas Year-Round


I’ll admit it.  I’m a Christmas lover just like everyone else…. From Thanksgiving until Christmas, I listen to Christmas music non-stop and do everything I can to feel the warm and fuzzies of the holiday season.  I decorate, light candles, donate money and gifts, find fun events to attend, watch Christmas movies, send out cards… you name it, I will find a way to make it happen.  But I had a thought the other day (and trust me, I know it is not an original thought)…. Why does the Season of Giving abruptly end on December 26?

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than the outpouring of generosity that occurs in this November-December timeframe.  And some people already DO support total strangers and those they love year-round.  But if we are all honest with ourselves, our desire to DO is usually stronger during this time of year than any other.

Now, here’s the deal… I work at a non-profit and am on the board of another one… so I think what has happened here is that my life has started to revolve around encouraging others to be generous with their time and money.  But more importantly, as I work more closely with those we are serving, I am seeing that hardships and sadness do not end on December 26.  In fact, they are often more pronounced DURING the holiday season as the rest of us flutter about feeling in love with life.

This post is not here to make anyone feel bad about being happy – or to make anyone feel like the struggles they face each day are miniscule compared to the plight of others.  But here is what I would like to do: I would like to challenge each one of us this holiday season to find that person, that charity, that cause that we believe in and want to help and extend that care and concern throughout all of 2013 (and beyond).   Find those warm and fuzzy feelings from volunteering, donating or helping this holiday season and then let those feelings evolve into determination to make a difference going forward.

So here it is – today is the start of the new, year-round Season of Giving.  What each of us quietly chooses to do does not have to be grand or spectacular.  But maybe this year, instead of letting our New Year’s Resolution focus on our physical well-being (diets and the like), we focus on the well-being of our hearts and souls.  And if we all stick to taking just one little cause or person under our wing in whatever way we can, I assure you, the end result WILL be grand and spectacular.

Happy Holidays, friends 🙂Image


Fall Travels and Holiday Happenings


For those of you who are wondering, yes I do still have a blog 🙂  The past two months have been event season at work – my explanation to everyone for falling off the face of the earth.  But I’m back and have lots to share!

After the Old Bags Luncheon and Homeward Bound’s Diaper Distribution Day, it was clearly time for some R& R.  So Chris and I decided to get back in touch with our roots and head up to Flagstaff for chilly weather and changing leaves.

We also decided to try out airbnb.com for the first time and ended up staying with an awesome family in their “contemporary mining camp” home.  We had our own room in their house, but spent a lot of time chatting with the family, having wine and cheese and laughing.  It was truly like staying with friends.  They were interesting, welcoming and all around nice people – I would highly recommend this for the adventurous at heart.  Not everyone is well-suited for an experience like this, but Chris and I are very open to new people and new friends as we move around.

Flagstaff was wonderful, as always… it was so much fun to bundle up and feel COLD for a change.  We went on a relaxing hike around Coconino National Forest/Buffalo Park, spent time window shopping downtown, ate yummy Cajun and Latin food, and found ourselves a few fun bars to explore.  The perfect way to end a very stressful week!

When we came back to Scottsdale, there were still two events between us and the start of the holiday season – the Singleton Moms’ Giving Hands Ball (such a wonderful event) and the Step Forward Breakfast.  And now, PHEW, it is time for the best season of all! 

Wednesday after work, Chris and I are off to California to spend Thanksgiving with his grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins – I am so grateful to them for having us so last minute!  It will be  a really wonderful way to meet a lot of his family members that I have not yet met and also to spend time with family without having to pay for an exorbitant flight somewhere!  We will even get a chance to see my cousin Amanda and her husband Jon – and meet the soon-to-be-born baby!  Then, a few weeks after that, Chris will be heading to Hawaii for Christmas and I will be heading to Maine!  Always a bummer to not be together on a holiday, but with both recognize how important it is to spend time with our individual families since we don’t get to see them often.  With families on the opposite coasts, it is certainly tricky to navigate the holiday season – but we’ve been doing it for three years and I think we’re getting a handle on it 🙂

To the start of a wonderful holiday season!  Hugs and love to you all!